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Since 1980, ISHI has been a benchmark in professional aesthetics and well-being.
It was the first company in the world to create biocosmeceuticals: incredibly natural formulations with effectiveness and results that are decidedly superior to traditional products. 

Beauty means respect.
ISHI is a sustainable and responsible company. Its high-end beauty products use active ingredients derived from the recovery of natural raw materials: marc, must, seeds, tree bark and fruit stones that would otherwise go to waste. ISHI reuses them and ennobles them with its biocosmeceutical lines. Working with Nature, not exploiting it. The beauty of the future lies first and foremost in respect.

The product is the message.
ISHI’s products are a reflection of its people and share the philosophy of the APG Group, to which it belongs. Men and women with a new vision of high-end cosmetics. More natural. Simpler. More real. To transfer the values they carry within to their customers

Quality is the result of research.
High-end cosmetics means research. On raw materials. On formulations, which are increasingly simple and respectful of human biology. On the industrial process, increasingly oriented towards sustainability. The high quality of ISHI’s products comes from the research and know-how of the APG Group, thanks to its knowledge and long experience in the field of green chemistry.


The APG Group

The APG Group was born from the experience gained by A&A Fratelli Parodi SpA in the fields of oleochemistry, industrial chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry in almost 70 years of history.

Since 1955, the founding company of the Group has distinguished itself thanks to the quality of its processes and its philosophy. Way ahead of its time, A&A Fratelli Parodi SpA turned sustainability into the basis of its commitment to bring green chemical products to the market.

Today the Group represents excellence in production and scientific research. This is possible thanks to the work of its Operating Divisions, within which the companies integrate experience and knowledge to place on the market innovative chemical products and solutions, characterized by quality, renewability and sustainability.

Being part of the APG Group means making green chemistry your mission.



Deeply natural formulations, but with superior efficacy and results compared to traditional products.
There are four fundamental criteria that define the philosophy of biocosmeceuticals:
  1. Highest concentration of principles: on average 25-30%, 5 to 7 times higher than the typical concentration of the professional product.
  2. Application of the most innovative research in medicine and molecular biology on second messengers.
  3. Natural, advanced, multifunctional pharmaceutical-derived formulations based on synergistic combinations of active ingredients with multifactorial action.
  4. Simple methods but integrated into comprehensive and structured therapies, with unique tools for home self-care.

One of the key concepts of Biocosmeceuticals comes from the discoveries of two American two Nobel laureates in medicine, Sutherland and Gilman, on intracellular messengers, so-called second messengers and the mechanisms of internal amplification and cascade activation.

In practice, this involves using active ingredients that help cells to communicate more efficiently by participating in the mechanisms according to which they exchange information, catalysing the action of ‘second messengers’, specific biological molecules present in cells that repeat and amplify a command to the part of the cell executing it.

This is why, before proceeding with the dynamics of treatment, biocosmeceuticals support cellular homeostasis, i.e. the balance of synthetic and excretory functions, the deepest and most fundamental processes, in a completely natural way, respecting skin physiology with natural products that also respect the environment and the client’s health.

biocosmeceutici cosmetici naturali



  • High-quality, selected ingredients for the utmost activity and effectiveness 
  • The highest active concentration of functional ingredients 
  • Careful selection of excipients
  • High quality essential oils
  • Locally sourced vegetable oils (APG Group)


  • Activities far beyond cosmetics
  • True multisensory experiences
  • Methodology based on PNEI, TCM and Ayurveda
  • Strong emotional involvement
  • Passion and enthusiasm combine with the scientific nature of the product


  • Power and respect for physiological balances
  • Efficacy and safety
  • Nature and technology
  • Soul and knowledge
  • Aesthetics and wellness

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