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The secret to having silky soft, healthy and shiny hair is to give it special care.

The sensitive structure of the hair is particularly tested with changes in temperature: in summer the hair succumbs to atmospheric agents such as wind, the salinity of the sea or the chlorine of the swimming pool, indoors the greatest enemy is air conditioning. While in winter, hair dryers and straighteners make it increasingly dry and brittle.

Here are some good habits that will help you make your hair enviable.

1) Comb your hair gently with a soft brush


The first thing you need to do to get soft and silky hair is to comb it gently daily. Choose a soft brush, preferably with natural bristles. It will help you untangle your hair and make it stronger and thicker.

2) Do not wash your hair frequently


Underneath the epidermis of the scalp are sebum-secreting glands or oils, natural substances that help keep your hair naturally soft as well as protect it from external agents (such as sun and wind).
Limit washing! The risk is to make your hair dry and vulnerable to heat and pollution in the air.
Try washing your hair every two – or better yet, every three – days. That way your sebum and natural oils have a chance to put their nourishing and fortifying action into action.

3) Choose a hypo-foaming shampoo

A gentle shampoo formulated without silicones, petrolatum, parabens, glycols and ethoxylated surfactants will allow you to focus on cleansing while respecting the physiology of the skin.
BB MILD SHAMPOO, from the ISHI Dailytherapy line, is the product dedicated to dry, brittle and stressed hair. Its performance is characterized by the reinforcement of the hair fiber by increasing its ability to bend. Excellent for damaged hair and hair that breaks or falls easily.

4) Don’t over-shampoo

One or two nuts, depending on the length, is more than enough. Using too much shampoo will get you the opposite effect: weighed down and unsilky hair.

5) Dry hair carefully


Do not energetically rub your hair for drying. You risk breaking it! Try to use a cotton shirt, you will say goodbye to frizz!

6) Nourishment, the keyword!

In addition to removing impurities and making it clean, your hair needs nourishment to strengthen it.
BB SOFT CONDITIONER, from the ISHI Dailytherapy line, is the conditioner that reduces breakage by over 80%, while also helping to repair and strengthen your hair. It also features high natural detangling power.

7) Use a spray that protects your hair from heat

especially at the beach or before blow-drying and straightening. A protective treatment to ensure your locks are safe from the hot air and UV rays of the sun.

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