TTPress the intelligent massage

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Pressotherapy, your moment of well-being to get back in shape before the vacations.

What is it

Pressotherapy is a medical and aesthetic treatment, which improves the performance of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, in those who undergo it.

How it works
The machine consists of a corsetry, equipped with pneumatic structures, made of high quality materials, hypoallergenic and specially designed to ensure maximum anatomical correspondence. These structures, inside, are divided into zones that will tend to inflate and deflate with a gradual and progressive rhythm.
The beautician will help the client to put on the leggings and the abdominal band connected to the machine, and then make her lie down on the bed.
The machine generates a peristaltic wave from the sole of the foot up to the root of the thigh. This compression promotes increased flow of body fluids from the feet, where they usually stagnate, to the upper lymphatic ganglia and the heart, to be expelled and recirculated through the lymphatic system. This process exerts a pleasant relaxing pressure on the body for the client.

The ISHI device


TTPress is the intelligent pressure massage. It is part of the new generation of pressor systems that due to the particular characteristics is clearly distinguished from the old pressotherapy, and is specifically categorized under the class ofpressure-massagers orpressure-drainers.

The uniqueness of this apparatus is highlighted by the accuracy of measurements, for the multifunctionality of the programmer that combined with the action of the particular physiological leg, with overlapping sectors, allows to perform the unblocking of the lymph nodes before the pressure massage.


TTPress, through a set of information collected from the client, is able to formulate personalized programs specific to the type of problem in question, without the potential risk of performing treatments that are unnecessary or harmful to the health of the client.

It has also been designed for maximum safety of both the operator and the client. The equipment is equipped with a customer safety button with the following function:

  • Pressing the button for more than 3 seconds suspends the current program and the message deflate leg


Fighting water retention and cellulite remain among the top goals for women suffering from these blemishes. To fight it we have always given advice on nutrition, massages with essential oils and also with workouts that help reduce the accumulation of fluid especially in the legs.

The treatment allows the pursuit of multiple effects, all positive and beneficial for the body, including:
– Aesthetics caused by cellulite
– Water retention
– Overweight
– Toning of tissues

In addition it can improve:
– Veno-lymphatic circulation
– Skin tone
– Metabolism
– Stress reduction
– Alleviation of pain induced by sports injuries


Do not use the device in individuals with the following symptoms:
– Capillary fragility
– Hypertension and high blood pressure
– Heart disease
– Acute phase infections
– Tuberculosis
– Established or suspected malignant tumors
– Pacemaker wearers
– Heart failure
– Asthma
– Acute thrombophlebitis
– Vagotonia
– Infectious dermatosis
– Infected or ulcerated wounds
– Frequent bleeding

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