What skin type do you have?

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Flawless, radiant, blemish-free skin is not a utopia! It simply requires caution and constant daily care.

What are the characteristics of perfect skin?

Homogeneous texture, undilated pores, absence of imperfections, bright complexion, pleasant to the touch. Its presence inevitably determines a psycho-physical well-being.

As we know, the factors that come into play to unbalance our skin are many: lifestyle, diet, genetic factors, solar radiation, environmental pollution, aging, stress, etc…

What is the first step to achieving flawless skin?

Surely understand your skin type! This will allow you to work on specific areas with targeted treatments and/or products.

Surely understand your skin type.

Normal leatherSmooth, elastic, toned, firm
Dry skinThin, flaky, not very elastic, fragile
Oily skinPolished, oily and greasy to the touch
Mixed skinDry and oily in the T-zone (chin, (chin, nose, forehead)
Oily skinOily, presence of enlarged pores, blackheads and warts

Depending on your skin type, be sure to choose products that contain active ingredients targeted to your specific needs!

How to behave?
Normal skinSupplement the right amount of moisture, with products containing emollient and soothing active ingredients
Dry skinChoose products that are highly nourishing and emollient
Oily skinChoose products with a sebum-regulating function, emollient and balancing
Mixed skinChoose products containing active ingredients with sebum-normalizing and moisturizing function
Impure skinChoose products containing active ingredients with sebum-regulating, detoxifying, purifying and astringent function

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