Why is it important to energize the skin?

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September is the bridge between the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. Why not take advantage of this period to implement new care strategies and reinsert products with a regenerating effect in your beauty case to energize your skin?

Let’s start from the assumption that in summer the skin is more exposed to considerable stress and that exposure to UV rays is the first cause of signs of aging.

Dull skin, as a result of skin hypoxia, wrinkles and blemishes are the first SOS signals that are manifested to let you know that your body needs attention.

Common factor of these problems is an inadequate respiration, also at cellular level: consequence of this are the deficiency of oxygen and a lowering of the energetic metabolism, predominantly at mitochondrial level, with the consequent reduction of the skin defenses, as well as the development of prolong inflammatory states.

Don’t waste your time and fix this damage now to eliminate any consequences!

– Reactivate your skin’s microcirculation to restore oxygen levels that heat, wind and sun have depleted. Rebalance your oxygenation with OXYGEN COMPLEX, the serum that renews the replenishment of vital substances (vitamins, minerals and oxygenating agents) by boosting your microcirculation, product line OXYGEN BOOST .
– Deeply hydrates your skin to make it more elastic and give your face a more compact and even texture. Protect and regenerate with ALLOSTATIC CREAM, the cream that brings a 38.2% reduction in your wrinkles.
– For even more amazing results try the in/out action of the exclusive energizing, oxygenating and detoxifying herbal tea made with African Red Tea (Rooibos), Ginseng, Rosemary, Spearmint and Chamomile. You can carry it comfortably with you thanks to the thermal bottle designed with art and passion by Max Ferrigno (limited edition collection).

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