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Remodelling: one of the favourite themes of most women, and not only, where the aim is to reduce the volume of certain specific areas, thus reducing localised fat.

It is therefore possible to work in a targeted manner on the areas concerned, such as abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. Modelling means gaining tone and shape harmony, not simply reducing body mass. ISHI LAB24+ is primarily aimed at combating localised adiposity, overweight and other imperfections that often affect the body silhouette.

The common factor in these blemishes is the accumulation of fat and a slowdown in energy metabolism, resulting in an altered silhouette and the development of prolonged inflammatory states, which also affect the production of substances such as collagen, elastin and other metabolites.


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ISHI LAB is the first complete treatment aimed at localized and diffused slimming which helps to fight atony and tissue relaxation, among the most common imperfections linked to slimming and skin senescence.

We can define it as a real anti-aging path for the body!

Lifestyle, drastic weight changes, together with dehydration and skin senescence, are among the main causes of loss of tone and elasticity.

Many people tend to accumulate fat in the central part of the body, others in the hips and thighs.



ISHI Thalassotherapy is a combination of no less than 48 seaweeds, ensuring 4 activities, 3 phases and 100% results for a slimmer figure, a reduction in adipose tissue, a more intense metabolism, firmer tissues, a reduction in water retention, inflammation and freedom from harmful toxins.

ISHI Thalassotherapy is a simple and highly effective natural detoxification treatment that is ideal for treating fat deposits, cellulite, oedematous conditions and stretch marks because it is…


Since 1980, ISHI has been a benchmark in professional aesthetics and wellness.

It was the first company in the world to create biocosmeceuticals: incredibly natural formulations with effectiveness and results that are decidedly superior to traditional products.

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