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Dull skin

Dull, grey skin is a problem shared by many women. Certain complexions, from pale to greyish, reflect a lack of oxygen. Oxygen is carried through the body by the blood, but if it is cut off, the skin appears dull.

Environmental and digital pollution, stress, posture, diet, genetics combined with inadequate breathing, lack of oxygen, slow metabolism lead to skin hypoxia, asphyxiated, dull and easily irritated skin, causing damage to the microbiota.

Oxygen Boost is a natural oxygenating and energising treatment that improves capillary circulation in the skin by increasing oxygenation, strengthening the skin’s protective and defensive function, supporting expression and obtaining new dynamic equilibrium (allostasis).

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Dull skin

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ISHI OXYGEN BOOST is the most performing and complete method to energise and oxygenate the skin, for an effective recovery of your authentic Urban Defence, thanks to an articulated panel of bio-active molecules. Ideal for treating dull, asphyxiated and stressed skin, including young skin and skin ageing prevention.

For more oxygenated, deeply moisturised skin, reduced wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, a more even, revitalised complexion, as well as smoother, more deeply energised tissues that are more resistant to external aggression.


Since 1980, ISHI has been a benchmark in professional aesthetics and wellness.

It was the first company in the world to create biocosmeceuticals: incredibly natural formulations with effectiveness and results that are decidedly superior to traditional products.