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ISHI BIOMETHERAPY is the ideal skin ally for all ages. Fundamental in preparation for and in contrast to the main imperfections related to the problems of sensitive and impure skin, with a marked ability to maintain long-lasting results.

Suggested as a preparatory treatment, within a more structured path for the resolution of a specific problem.
Particularly indicated in those situations in which the skin is clearly affected by certain stresses that can alter the sensitivity and balance of the skin microbiota, resulting in various imperfections including: dehydration, redness, couperose, dermatitis, inflammation, irritation and acne.

The Solution

ISHI BIOMETHERAPY is the first Microbiota Friendly line, based on products designed to maintain the skin’s microbiota, which we know is different for each individual and easily altered by external factors and not only. The pool of active ingredients “Microbiota Friendly”, developed by ISHI is a real cocktail of active functional ingredients that take care of you and your microbiota.

ISHI BIOMETHERAPY is the recommended treatment whenever it is necessary to restore the skin to its natural balance. Soothing, moisturizing, protective and antioxidant, it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and promotes the growth and diversity of the microflora that inhabit it. The hyaluronic acid contained in high quantities also helps to counteract the signs of aging and restore the natural elasticity of our skin.

ISHI Dictionary

Microbiota Friendly

MICROBIOTA FRIENDLY A concept that goes beyond its literal definition of ‘friend of the microbiota’, this concept means products that have been studied and tested at 360° to be respectful of the microbiota while maintaining its balance.

The ‘Microbiota Friendly’ active ingredient pool developed by ISHI is a real cocktail of functional active ingredients that take care of you and your microbiota.

The decision to create a “Microbiota Friendly” cocktail stems from the needs of our skin, which has countless small co-workers and needs different ingredients capable of working on several fronts to help keep the skin’s microbiota in balance.



Biometherapy is a multi-dimensional pathway, referred to as a skin preparer. Several scientific studies have shown that the composition of the skin’s microbiota changes according to the different body areas, humidity and the presence of sebum.

Biometherapy is a scientific project which is the subject of two degree thesis in Industrial Biotechnology of the University of Milan – Bicocca and Biotechnology of the University of Genoa in collaboration with Active Cells, a laboratory specialized in microbiological analysis based in Genoa.

The aim of the thesis study was to formulate and test products that were respectful of the microbiota, this is why they were called ‘Microbiota Friendly’. Biometherapy products were tested against traditional cosmetic products to demonstrate their beneficial effect on the ‘good’ bacteria, without encouraging the proliferation of ‘bad’ bacteria.


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The product is the message.

A new vision of high cosmetics. More natural. Simpler. More real.

Beauty means respect.

Collaborate with Nature, not exploit it. The beauty of the future lies in, first and foremost, respect.

Quality is the result of research.

APG Group's research and know-how, knowledge and years of experience in green chemistry.

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Lenitivo, idratante e protettivo. Alleato della pelle, agisce rafforzando la sua funzione barriera, promuovendo l’equilibrio e la diversità del microbiota e aumentando la concentrazione dei batteri buoni.


A livello cutaneo svolge diverse funzioni tra cui rigenerazione della barriera, azione antiacne e antiage. Contro l’acne contribuisce alla riduzione della quantità di sebo e della colorazione dei segni infiammatori. Presenta inoltre un’azione positiva verso i fibroblasti per la produzione del collagene, avendo quindi un effetto favorevole per il mantenimento dell’elasticità cutanea.


Sostanza naturalmente prodotta dal nostro organismo con lo scopo di mantenere l’idratazione e proteggere i tessuti. Incrementando la concentrazione di acido ialuronico si riescono a contrastare i segni del tempo, ridonando volume ed elasticità alla nostra cute.


Presenta un’elevata azione idratante, emolliente e lenitiva, nonché un’azione favorevole sulla barriera cutanea.


Estratto di Ailanthus altissima + Sanguisorba officinalis. Attività prebiotica su S. Epidermidis ed azione antibiotica su S. Aureus. Agisce come antiossidante e inibitore della secrezione delle citochine pro-infiammatorie.


Estratto di Phellodendron amurense + Chrysanthemum indicum. Attività prebiotica su S. Epidermidis e attività antibiotica su P. Acnes e S. Capitis. Agisce come antiossidante e inibitore della secrezione delle citochine pro-infiammatorie.


Ha un azione lenitiva e riepitelizzante, stimola il rinnovamento dei tessuti, promuove la cicatrizzazione e attenua rossore e irritazioni.


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