Surface, depth and barrier restoration hydration


ISHI HYDRATHERAPY is a complete line specifically for the treatment of superficial and deep dehydration, alipia and thin skin, skin thickening, as well as for the preparation, activation and enhancement of other facial and body treatments.

ISHI HYDRATHERAPY in particular focuses on:

  • Surface moisturizing action, thanks to enzymatically produced Hyaluronic Acid, wheat proteins and isomerized polysaccharides.
  • Depth moisturizing action, thanks to plankton extracts with protective and oxygenating action, PCA, essential amino acids, reconstituted NMF.
  • Hydrating action to restore the barrier, thanks to unsaponifiables, essential fatty acids of grape seeds, plant ceramides, phospholipids and vitamin E

The Solution

ISHI HYDRATHERAPY is the ultimate solution for the need for hydration.

Hydration is a basic need of any skin type and a comprehensive and rational approach is required.

ISHI HYDRATHERAPY is the only three-dimensional moisturizing treatment that treats not only direct, superficial and deep hydration, but also indirect, long-lasting hydration due to barrier restoration activity.


ISHI Bio Buffer System

The ISHI Bio Buffer System is an original biological buffer system, patented by ISHI, which acts simultaneously on both the restoration of the correct balance between acids and bases, normalising the skin’s pH, and on hydration, supplying precious biological ingredients constituting the Natural Moisture Factor (NMF).


  • Normalisation of skin pH
  • Contribution of natural organic ingredients
  • Tissue hydration (increased effectiveness of treatments)
  • Protection for the skin


Key ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid from biotechnology, Free Pyroglutamic Acid (PCA) and PCA sodium salt, Glycerretic Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, Wheat Protein, Plankton extracts with protective and oxygenating action.

(1) Results after single application

(2) Results after one week of use

(3) Results after four weeks of use


Improved self-rehydration capacity (1)


Increased cell renewal (2)


Reduced skin reactivity (2)


Decreased bacterial proliferation (3)


Reduction of skin roughness (3)


Reduction in total visible pore area (3)


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