Lifting, brightening, illuminating and plumping effect


ISHI Tt+ The concept behind this treatment originates in many years of scientific research into the biochemical and physiological dynamics that explain the onset of two of the most significant signs of aging: wrinkles and skin spots.

ISHI Tt+ is a treatment that, thanks to a profound knowledge of all the physiological and molecular mechanisms of wrinkles and discolourations, allows you to deal very effectively with the various aspects related to these imperfections.

In particular, ISHI Tt+ focuses on:

  • Lightening and depigmenting action thanks to multiple synergistic active ingredients, such as tyrosinase inhibitors like the patented White Truffle extract, Arbutin, Kojic and Azelaic Acids, and Cromabright ™ (Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate).
  • Anti-wrinkle action and lifting effect such as Black Truffle extract, Hydroxypropyl-ß-Cyclodextrin, Chickpea or Rice Protein

di TT+

The intense synergistic effect of the natural active ingredients of the latest generation, contained in the products, together with a cycle of treatments with visibly immediate results, allows to:

  • rapidly lighten stains, whether hormonal or age-related
  • brighten and even out the complexion
  • deeply moisturise and nourish the tissue
  • smoothing out wrinkles
  • reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

(*) Tests performed at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Catania. In vivo test on 20 volunteers.

(**) Tests performed at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Pavia, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacological Biotechnology.
In vivo test on 15 volunteers. Results after 30 days.

Clinical tests on Tt+ Lightening Serum have shown that after 20 days of treatment it was able to determine an approximately 3.5-fold decrease in the production of melanin in the skin compared to the control  (*)


Highly significant increase in skin hydration (**)


Highly significant increase in skin elasticity (**)


Highly significant reduction in roughness (**)


Highly significant reduction in scaliness (**)


Highly significant increase in smoothness (**)


Highly significant reduction in skin roughness (**)


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The product is the message.

A new vision of high cosmetics. More natural. Simpler. More real.

Beauty means respect.

Collaborate with Nature, not exploit it. The beauty of the future lies in, first and foremost, respect.

Quality is the result of research.

APG Group's research and know-how, knowledge and years of experience in green chemistry.

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