Dry, dehydrated skin

Lack of hydration in the skin can manifest itself in different forms, ranging from typical skin dryness to desquamation and from small cuts to redness, inflammation, constant tension and itching. Hydration is the result of all the processes involved in what is known as water balance, i.e. the correct balance between fluids in and out.

Hydration is the basic requirement of any skin type and a comprehensive and rational approach is needed.

ISHI Hydratherapy is a complete line specific for the treatment of superficial dehydration and deep dehydration, alipia and thin skin, skin thickening. It is the only 3-dimensional moisturising treatment that not only treats direct, superficial and deep hydration, but also indirect, long-lasting hydration due to barrier restoration and pH rebalancing.

Dry Skin

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ISHI HYDRATHERAPY is a complete line specifically for the treatment of deep and superficial dehydration, alipia and thin skin, skin thickening, as well as for the preparation, activation and enhancement of other facial and body treatments.

ISHI HYDRATHERAPY concentrates on superficial moisturising action, thanks to biotechnological hyaluronic acid, wheat proteins, isomerised polysaccharides and…


Since 1980, ISHI has been a benchmark in professional aesthetics and wellness.

It was the first company in the world to create biocosmeceuticals: incredibly natural formulations with effectiveness and results that are decidedly superior to traditional products.

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