Beauty. Respect.
Working with Nature, not exploiting it. The beauty of the future lies first and foremost in respect.
Products. Nature.
Increasingly simple formulations that respect human biology.
Research. Development.
Industrial process increasingly oriented towards sustainability.


There are four fundamental criteria that define the philosophy of biocosmeceuticals:

  • Highest concentration of principles: on average 25-30%, 5 to 7 times higher than the typical concentration of the professional product.
  • Application of the most innovative research in medicine and molecular biology on second messengers.
  • Natural, advanced, multifunctional pharmaceutical-derived formulations based on synergistic combinations of active ingredients with multifactorial action.
  • Simple but integrated methods in complete and structured therapies, with unique tools for home self-care.








i packaging


Today, the focus on sustainability is becoming increasingly significant. ISHI is defining its green footprint by introducing recycled materials, reusable solutions and single-material packaging.

ISHI’s aim is to find packaging solutions that are increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly, while still enhancing the aesthetics of the product. Starting with the WINETHERAPY line and later with BIOMETHERAPY, we decided to remove any plastic from our packaging. 

Our paper boxes are marked with the FSC logo, a certification that guarantees that the paper box has been made with raw materials coming from well-managed forests.



Beauty means respect.

ISHI is a sustainable and responsible company. Its high-end beauty products use active ingredients derived from the recovery of natural raw materials: marc, must, seeds, tree bark and fruit stones that would otherwise go to waste…

The product is the message.

ISHI’s products are a reflection of its people and share the philosophy of the APG Group, to which it belongs. Men and women with a new vision of high-end cosmetics. More natural. Simpler. More real. To transfer the values they carry within to their customers…

Quality is the result of research.

High-end cosmetics means research. On raw materials. On formulations, which are increasingly simple and respectful of human biology. On the industrial process, increasingly oriented towards sustainability…