Hands and feet wellness


The hands are continuously exposed to external atmospheric agents or irritants that undermine the integrity of the skin at all times.

Feet are useful as well since they are our actual support, however due to their discreet position, we tend to neglect them sometimes. Yet, when they are healthy and cared for, they make us happier because they accompany us everywhere in lightness!

From ISHI’s research, a line of biocosmeceuticals aimed at restoring homeostatic balances through an original biological buffer, the patented pharmaceutical ISHI Bio Buffer System, as well as draining, lightening, stimulating and protective active ingredients.


The Solution

The 4 fundamental problems that ISHI SILKYTHERAPY, with its exclusive treatment protocols, addresses are:

  1. Superficial and deep dehydration, isoepidermal pH imbalances.
  2. Hyperkeratosis, cuticles, thickening and callosity
  3. Cutaneous aging
  4. Circulatory imbalances, water retention and heaviness of the lower limbs

ISHI Bio Buffer System

The ISHI Bio Buffer System is an original biological buffer system, patented by ISHI, which acts simultaneously on both the restoration of the correct balance between acids and bases, normalising the skin’s pH, and on hydration, supplying precious biological ingredients constituting the Natural Moisture Factor (NMF).


  • Normalisation of skin pH
  • Contribution of natural organic ingredients
  • Tissue hydration (increased effectiveness of treatments)
  • Protection for the skin


Key Ingredients:

ISHI Bio Buffer System, Fruit Acids (hydroxy acids), Functional Acids, Sodium Hydroxide,
Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Beer Must with Mint and Lemon Essences


Normalizing action and restoration of the isoepidermic pH thanks to the exclusive ISHI Bio Buffer System, based on organic ingredients such as PCA and mandelic acid.


Keratoplastic and softening action due to the use of alkaline sodium hydroxide solutions or ingredients such as urea and allantoin.


Protective anti-aging action due to the effect of multiple functional substances including antioxidants such as Vitamin E, brighteners such as fruit acids, deep moisturizers such as reconstituted Natural Plant Hydration Factor.


Draining and invigorating action due to the effect of active principles such as red vine procyanidins, seaweed and beer wort with mint and lemon essences.

Line products

The product is the message.

A new vision of high cosmetics. More natural. Simpler. More real.

Beauty means respect.

Collaborate with Nature, not exploit it. The beauty of the future lies in, first and foremost, respect.

Quality is the result of research.

APG Group's research and know-how, knowledge and years of experience in green chemistry.

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