Skin discoloration

Ageing, stress and photo-ageing, hormonal hyperactivity, profound dehydration, drugs and environmental pollutants.

There are many causes of the various skin irregularities, often interconnected and always related to a complex and articulated biochemistry that requires a global and functional approach to all skin districts.

ISHI Tt+ is a treatment that, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of all the physiological and molecular mechanisms of wrinkles and dyschromia, allows us to effectively tackle the various aspects related to these imperfections.

Skin with spots

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ISHI Tt+, the concept behind this treatment, originates in many years of scientific research into the biochemical and physiological dynamics that explain the formation of two of the most significant signs of ageing: wrinkles and skin spots.

ISHI Tt+ is a treatment which, thanks to a profound knowledge of all the physiological and molecular mechanisms of wrinkles and discolourations, allows you to deal very effectively with the various aspects related to these imperfections…



HITECH is an innovative anti-ageing system designed to achieve top-level performance in the field of professional cosmetics, a complete multifunctional and technological line to effectively and safely combat skin ageing due to multiple causes, both environmental and physiological.

For a problem as complex as skin ageing, a comprehensive solution is needed that works on all the factors and causes…


Since 1980, ISHI has been a benchmark in professional aesthetics and wellness.

It was the first company in the world to create biocosmeceuticals: incredibly natural formulations with effectiveness and results that are decidedly superior to traditional products.

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